The benefits of herbs to support your detox

Herbs can support  your detox program, here’s why…

Have you ever detoxed before, and felt so tired you weren’t able to do anything, experienced uncomfortable digestive issues or skin breakouts?

I had the same problem, until I discovered herbs, that I now use to support me on my healing journey.

Without herbs, I wouldn’t be where I am now

Herbs, throughout detoxing, will help your organs expel toxins and make your cleansing journey more comfortable.

Consider using Herbs like an investment in your health.

Focusing on the visible symptoms is important, but preventative health is always best.

Remember: an investment in your health today can mean you don’t pay the price of a disease tomorrow.

Detox is a wonderful way to improve your health, but if you combine it with herbs, you’ll experience far greater results.

How to choose the right herbs

I’ve tried many herbs over the past 10 years, but for me, Ming Herbs is the best I’ve used. They are really gentle on my body and I have incredible results compared to other brands I have tried.

Their detox kits use high-quality herbs, which are designed to work in harmony within your body. They also have amazing support formulas you can use for specific health concerns, like heavy periods, bad circulation, etc.

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You can choose from 3 different kit options:

If this is your first time using herbs, I recommend the serious or medium cleanse. If you have more experience with detoxing, the basic cleanse should be enough for you. This includes herbs to cleanse your colon, kidneys, liver, blood, and the lymphatic system.

I want to be transparent with you… I’m an affiliate for Ming Herbs, so if you do buy a kit, I’ll receive a commission that helps me to continue to provide free content on my Facebook group and continue to create gifts like these..


 How to use herbs to detox

  • Eat more fruits, greens, and veggies to support your body to detox and be able to better absorb the herbs.
  • Ensure you are having 2-3 bowel movements per day and that your kidneys are filtering before taking the lymphatic system herbs. Increase the dosage by 1 caps each day until you achieve this.
  • Try to be as relaxed as possible and drink plenty of fluids.
  • Speak with your doctor before using Herbs; they can be unsafe to use with other herbs or medication.
  • Read carefully the instructions on the packet for recommended times to take them and dosage.
  • Listen to your body, if you feel the dose is too much or not enough, change it up!

Don’t make this mistake..

During the program, if you feel your body reacts too strongly or not much at all, don’t stop taking the herbs.

Instead, change the dosage and add other herbs to support your process.

Healing the body is an experimentation process in awakening your connection with your body.

No one knows and cares for your body better than you; so listen to what it is trying to tell you.

 The healing crisis

During detox you can experience what’s called a “healing crisis.”

It happens when your body starts releasing toxins.

This can include cold symptoms, muscle aches, fatigue, skin flare-ups, and irritability.

It can feel scary if this is your first time cleansing, but it’s not something you have to worry about!  I recommend being part of my Free Detox with Jodie Louise Facebook Group to ask any questions that come up for you and feel supported.

Please note: People with fatigued adrenal glands, and high acidity are more likely to encounter a “healing crisis”. This is why you should support your adrenals to give your system more resources to work with.



Free Detox Group Program


I created this FREE group program to help you to detox your beautiful body. I know how overwhelming it can be and how much misinformation there is, which is why I felt a group container was the best way.

In this group I share videos and posts with the main focus being on detoxing your body, but also insights and tips on how to detox your life too!

The group is perfect for all levels of health, with plenty of options for different stages of detox. I encourage you to use your intuition and do what feels in resonance for you.

The detox program is for you if you want to…

      • Safely cleanse and purify your body
      • Say goodbye to food cravings and binging
      • Have clear and glowing skin
      • Feel happier and more energized
      • Repair your digestive system from painful gas, bloating, etc.
      • Develop a healthy relationship with your food
      • Reduce inflammation and pain in your body
      • Learn about various ways to detox including fruit, juice and dry fasting
      • Be part of a group and receive emotional support through your detox and dietary transition
      • Discover proven tools that will support you during the detox program
      • Find clarity in your mind and reconnect to your intuition   

Find out more about the Free Group Detox Program here.