It’s time to embody radical self-love

Do you desire to regain the trust in your intuition, embody self-love, gain more clarity about your dreams and step into the loving soul you came here to be?

It is my passion as a self-love coach and mentor to support you to follow your heart, and trust it’s guidance so you can live the life of your dreams.

I can guide you to dive deep into your body, mind, and spirit to tap into the intuitive powers of your heart.

From my experience, I learnt that until I embodied radical self-love, it was difficult to receive or give love.

I spent much of my life feeling disconnected from people, myself, my body, and my purpose.

When I finally took a step back and realized that I wasn’t living the life that I wanted, I knew it was time for a change.

I decided to take full responsibility for my life and follow my hearts guidance.

Throughout my personal development journey, I’ve learned many effective self love tools and practices to reclaim my power, reconnect with my body and love unconditionally.

I’m here to help you do the same, as you deserve to live your life to its fullest.

When you lead from the heart, you live a life with purpose and joy.

Connect with me for a heart to heart chat to explore how I can support you to fall madly in love with yourself and the world around you.

Do you dream to…

  • Embody radical self-love?
  • Learn to listen to your intuitive wisdom?
  • Improve your communication in relationships?
  • Cleanse and purify on every level?
  • Make changes to transform and rise?
  • Find balance within to feel whole?
  • Express your beautiful authentic self?
  • Shine brighter than you ever knew possible?
  • Manifest the life of your dreams?
  • Cultivate more abundance?

In a session with me we will explore:

  • What’s holding you back from standing in your power
  • Setting clear and safe boundaries 
  • Releasing trapped emotions and traumas 
  • Cleansing your body, mind, and soul 
  • Letting your limiting beliefs go 
  • Connecting with your inner child to find peace with the past 
  • How astrology can help you to better understand how you think, communicate and love
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine energies 
  • Embracing your triggers as an opportunity to transform
  • Embodying your authentic nature
  • Identifying and removing the masks you wear 
  • The power of your thoughts to make your dreams come true
  • Activating your shakti energy and owning your sexuality 
  • Following your hearts guidance

Work with me

I’ve supported hundreds of women to live the life of their dreams! 

As a coach and mentor, I’d love to guide you to do the same.

Below share with you my offerings. After a free discovery call with me, I will guide you select a program that is best suited for you.

Connect with me to learn how I can best support you.

I also offer self-love goddess photoshoots

I will capture your authentic essence to bloom like the flower you are

My passion is to capture the raw beauty within women. Through this experience, we’ll give your inner priestesslionessgoddessmermaid, or wild woman permission to come out of hiding.

As your goddess photographer, I’ll guide you to shine in your unique essence, and exhibit your exquisite beauty.

Together, we’ll create a vulnerable, comfortable, and safe space where you can explore and express your raw beauty.

We’ll laugh, cry, and dance together in this journey that is so much more than a photoshoot.

Kind words


Working with Jodie has been a transformational experience. For me, Jodie felt like so much more than just a coach. She is there for you, always, with so much love, understanding, and support. She is such a pure and radiant being and has so much wisdom and love to offer. Through working with Jodie I have rediscovered my own devine wisdom. I feel so connected to my body again. Appreciating every part of me, trusting my own guidance system. Grateful our paths have crossed.


Jodie Louise is incredible to work with. She has a beautiful way of guiding others that I feel supported and guided on every step of my journey. She has such an extensive knowledge on so many topics I have been able to heal part of my mind, body and soul on so many different levels and in so many different ways. I can't express how much she has helped me over time. She is the best!


Jodie has such an energy about her that makes you feel safe and confident within your skin. Ive worked with her many times because she knows how to capture authentic beauty & provides a comfortable environment during her shoots. She understands what one is seeking out of photos, almost as if she can see your vision through her own eyes.

When you choose love over fear, you are living life to its fullest, expanding your possibilities to make your dreams come true.

Ready to love yourself unconditionally?

Schedule your FREE discovery call with me to see how I can best guide you!

Ready to love yourself unconditionally?

Schedule your FREE discovery call with me to see how I can best guide you!