I am here to support you on your journey to rise!

I feel deeply honoured to share my offerings with my intention to support you to step into your power, love yourself unconditionally and shine bright on every level.

Detox with me


4-week detox program

For years, I tried everything: from paleo to vegan, and mono fruit fasting, but nothing seemed to work…

Then I discovered detoxing and I transformed my health

Now I am here to help you do the same.

To save you from going on the rollercoaster of misinformation I went on I share with you all the tools and strategies I used to heal my body.

Join my detox community

A free Facebook group to support your body to detox with ease

When you detox you feel clearer, more joyful, and energized, which is essential to boost the immune system.

In the group I share videos and posts with the main focus being on detoxing your body, but I’ll also give you insights and tips on how to detox your life too!

Love, Health & Abundance Mentorship

Living your dream life is possible and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Through my Love, Health and Abundance Mentorship Program, I’ll support you to connect to your true essence, fall deeply in love with yourself, detox your body, embody more confidence, create a clear vision, and rise into a more abundant, and fulfilled version of yourself!

Jodie Louise - Detox health coach
Abundance coach - Jodie Louise

Bring your business to life


Abundance coach - Jodie Louise

If you’re an individual or brand making a difference in the world, I’d love to support you to rise. 

After working for over a decade in the marketing, advertising and business field, it feels natural for me to guide people to step into their power and share their message with the world.

Get in touch with me, and I’ll share with you real, impactful marketing strategies to take your business and brand to the next level!

You have everything you need inside of you to heal and be happy

Photo & Video

I would love nothing more than to capture your magic.

Do you have a dream you want to share with the world, or offerings that you know needs to be seen, but you aren’t sure how to fully express it?

Maybe you are a yoga teacher needing new yoga photography for your website or Instagram? Or perhaps you are a divine goddess wanting to capture some beautiful empowering photos of yourself? These are 2 of my specialities.


I’d love to capture your asanas as your yoga photographer.

Are you a yoga teacher in need of beautiful and professional photographs for your personal brand or retreat? Or perhaps you are an avid yogi/yogini and you want to give yourself the gift of honoring your practice with a yoga photoshoot?

I have been practicing yoga since I was 12 years old, and as I have completed a yoga teacher training, so I can confidently guide you through different asanas and movements. 


I’m here to capture your authentic essence so you can bloom like the flower that you are.  

My passion is to capture the raw beauty within women that is yearning to be seen.   

As your goddess photographer I will guide you to embody your unique essence, and exhibit your exquisite beauty.

Together, we will create a safe space for you to fully express yourself. We will laugh, cry and dance together in this deeply healing journey that is much more than a photoshoot.


Capture the magic of your retreats!

Do you want to capture the experience of your retreat in photos or videos so you can show your community what to expect?

I’m a retreat photographer and videographer and I’d love to join your upcoming retreat or training, to sensitively capture content that will not interfere with the experience of the beautiful souls that you attract.

It is my passion to show the power of your retreats, into tangible photographs and videos that you can share, and use to inspire others. 


As a food photographer and videographer I find myself sharing my passion for plant based food with the world through my work

Together we will capture the essence of your dishes and present your food in a way that aligns with your vision. Whether you are creating a new recipe book, creating a new menu or being featured in a magazine, food photography will support you to improve your branding


Turn your photographs into artistic collage photos to create unique and authentic branding  and showcase offerings that inspires people to dream!

I’ll be here to guide you through the creative process. We will work together to carefully select photos that truly represent your inner warrior woman, goddess or spirit animal.

Eye-catching collage photos are great for your social media posts and for those who want to stand out to share their authenticity. They are also amazing branding tools that can be used on your business cards, Facebook, website and more for a unique insight into who you really are.


Create high-quality videography to showcase your offerings and build your brand. 

Are you hosting an online course and/or wish to share your story through digital storytelling?  Or perhaps you want to capture magic of an event?

With over 10 year’s experience as a videographer creating content for social media, websites, magazines, TV, I can help you to cultivate a beautiful vision and share your gifts through captivating videography.


From Fear to Intuition

By reading this e-book, you will not only learn about how to understand your intuition, but you will feel safe in using it to guide you to make your dreams come true.

Turning your fears to intuition is about learning to listen to your soul, and letting it guide you down your destined path. It’s allowing your heart to sing, and not letting your fears stand in your way of your dreams. Click here to buy your copy now. 

Intuitive Eating

How to Intuitively eat is an informative guide on how to reconnect with your intuition, train up your muscles to not only become an intuitive eater but become intuitive in all areas of your life.  Click here to pre-order your free copy.

Nourish your Intuition Recipe Book

A healthy, plant based recipe book that empowers you to be intuitive in the kitchen

Nourish Your Intuition is designed to teach you to reconnect to your body’s wisdom and listen to your intuition. This book is so much more than recipes, in fact most of the recipes do not detail quantities, in turn allowing you to become an intuitive chef.  Click here to pre-order your free copy.

Bali Retreat

Do you want to regain the trust in your intuition, connect with like minded women, immerse yourself in Bali culture & step into your life’s purpose?

Join us for this beautiful Bali detox goddess retreat, where you will reconnect to the ancient wisdom of your spirit. Cleanse your body, mind and soul to ‘Ignite Your Intuition’ with transformational practices we have gathered from around the world.

Due to Covid-19 and subsequent travel bans this retreat is currently on hold. Click here to subscribe for updates on this retreat.

Connect with me

Ready to change your life?

Schedule your DISCOVERY CALL with me to learn more about my offerings and how I can best guide you!

Connect with me

Ready to change your life?

Schedule your DISCOVERY CALL with me to learn more about my offerings and how I can best guide you!

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