My Intuition is my Super Power

Your intuition knows what is possible, but the mind will look for every reason it could go wrong because your ego is scared of failure, rejection & pain…

Turn your Fear into Intuition

I’m often saying it’s my passion to turn fears into love, and I get asked what this means a lot. This statement is very connected to intuition. Why? Well I like to think of my intuition as love, and my mind as fear. There is so much fear projected onto us, that we have lost trust in our inner knowing. We have forgotten how to listen to ourselves.

A lack of TRUST is what’s standing in our way and this comes from FEAR. I always used to find myself saying things like “I shouldn’t of done that, I knew deep down but didn’t listen”. What was happening was that my intuition would send me guidance, but my mind would evaluate this in a matter of micro seconds, and shift my view.

So when I started to trust myself more, my intuition just became stronger and clearer. Other practices like mindfulness and grounding really supported me in being a clear channel also. I wrote this book to share the tools I used to activate my intuitive super powers!

The more I listen, the stronger my intuition becomes!

Ever since I started to listen to my intuition, it’s become my SUPER POWER. It’s like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes. My intuition now guides me on what to eat, who to spend time with, and how to grow my business. Some days I have to pinch myself, because I am constantly mind blown with the things I know and create.

Did you know that we only access a small part of the wisdom we have inside us? We are very intelligent beings. Look at how we have evolved so quickly. In many ways I feel we are not becoming smarter though. We rely on Google to tell us whats healthy, when we used to be able to walk through a field full of fruits, herbs and vegetables, and by our smell alone know what we needed to consume that day.

We have everything we need inside of us to heal and be happy, we just need to forget everything we know, and remember who we really are.

Your intuition is like a butterfly, observe its magic, but don’t try to catch it or it may fly away

Your Diet Plays a Roll too

From my own experience, I learnt that because my body was so toxic, that I couldn’t access my intuition properly. The more I discovered about my body, I even found out that parasites can give you cravings for foods, and make you agitated or emotional. Then when I did extended fasts, I realised that when my body wasn’t so focused on digesting foods, that I was able to access a higher state of consciousness within me.

If you are often bloated, feeling sluggish, irritable, have inflammation, skin conditions or body aches, it’s a sign something isn’t right. Many people just learn to live with these symptoms and blame them on getting older, but you don’t have to live like that. Through detoxing and truly hydrating the body, you will not only be able to to live life more comfortably, but you can tap into the super powers of your intuition. When your intuition is fully ignited, it helps you to make more informed food choices too; its pretty magical!

My Intuition Guided me to Bali

A few years ago my intuition told me I needed to share my offerings in Bali. At first I didn’t know what this meant, but I trusted, and now I’m guiding 18 beautiful women through a retreat to IGNITE THEIR INTUITION later this year, with my dear sister Haley Madison. We had the retreat scheduled in April but have postponed it due to the currently global shift.

When I met Haley, we realised we shared the same love for our bodies, and the ability to “just know”. I knew we were destined to co-create, and share our wisdom to empower others to do so too.

I am so excited for our retreat, and I’m calling in women that are ready to dive deep to reconnect with the forgotten wisdom they hold. Find out more here.

Read My Books to Learn More

If you feel called to learn to listen to the wisdom of your body to align with you soul’s purpose, then I highly recommend my book. By reading this book, you will not only gain clarity about how to understand your intuition, but you will feel safe in honoring your path of awakening your intuitive nature. Get your copy of the book here.

I also have an intuitive eating book that teaches you how to reconnect with your intuition while getting creative in the kitchen. This book tells the story of my personal journey with intuitive eating and how I managed to completely change my life, heal my physical health, listen to my body’s wisdom, and reclaim my power! 

When you choose love over fear, you are living life to its fullest. By connecting with you intuition, you open up a world of possibilities to make your dreams come true

Jodie xx