My Journey

For years of my life I was…

  • In severe body pain with psoriasis, acne, hormonal imbalances, low energy and digestive issues.
  • Suffering from depression and anxiety with multiple suicide attempts.
  • Attracting abusive relationships, toxic connections and traumatic experiences.
  • Fighting against addictive behaviour towards food, work, alcohol, and men.
  • Suppressing my pain, hiding it in every corner of my body.
  • Living without purpose, unable to see a clear next step.
  • In so much debt.

At the time, I wondered why all these horrible things had to happen to me.

This led me to a journey where I started seeing over 100 different practitioners, read endless books and train in various courses to try to escape from the lifestyle that was killing me.

I discovered that trauma was the root cause of my binge eating disorder, depression, work addiction, inability to hold a happy relationship, and my health.

So I spent years reconnecting to my inner child to make her feel safe, wanted and worthy. It was a journey…

I was raised in a very alternative way… 

  • Vegetarian from birth.
  • Breastfed until I was 4.5.
  • Never vaccinated.
  • Practicing yoga since the age of 12.

I’ve lived and breathed health since I was little. I remember making healthy and delicious food with my mum and dad. It was one of my favourite things to do.

I am so grateful for this incredible upbringing. However, I grew up with a lot of abusive behaviour. I learned to suppress my emotions and use manipulation to get what I wanted. I was scared to speak my truth and was always walking on eggshells. 

Growing up, I was a very needy and anxious child, I needed a lot of love and kept my mum up most nights. I was an only child until the age of 5, and with the arrival of my sister, I started feeling abandoned, and I have been working on healing this wound for most of my life.

In my late teens, I rebelled against what my parents wanted: I started attracting unhealthy relationships and abusing my body with junk food and alcohol.


By releasing trauma and detoxing my body, things just got better and better.

After years of abusing my body, I started a self-discovery journey.

I had enough. So I started to explore nutrition, detox, alternative diets, and various self-development techniques.

I TRIED EVERYTHING, and on my journey made a lot of ‘mistakes’!

I discovered that the key to improving my health was to learn to listen to my body’s wisdom. 

The biggest lesson I learned wasn’t written in any book or taught in any courseI started following my inner guidance, not what worked for someone else or what Google told me was best.

Without this self-discovery journey, I wouldn’t have the tools I gained along the way. I now see it all as a blessing because I can guide others from this suffering.

After trying every kind of diet and seeing hundreds of health practitioners, I discovered that the only way to improve my health was to detoxify my body from trapped emotions and toxic foods. Once I started the journey, my whole world opened up, and I realised I had all the answers inside of meDetoxing allowed me to reconnect and listen to my body. From here, I never looked back, every area of my life transformed.

I now support conscious and spiritual women to fall in love with themselves, detox their bodies, and step into their soul’s purpose…

Throughout my personal development journey, I’ve learned many effective tools and practices to reclaim my power, reconnect with my body, and create the life of my dreams.

I believe in creating an uncomplicated lifestyle – easy to live and enjoy! It is my passion as a self-love coach and mentor to support others to use their heart to guide them to live the life of their dreams.

I mastered abundance by changing my mindset and learned that true abundance isn’t about having more cash in my pocket, it’s about feeling abundant. 

With over 10 years of experience as an abundance business coach, it is a joy and an honour to guide people to their journey towards true abundance, financial freedom, and stepping into their power.

I am also an experienced photographer and videographer. I work with my clients to capture their visions and dreams, resulting in high-quality content that can be used to improve their branding and expand their business.

My Training

  • Cellular Detox & Regeneration Coach – Living Mucus Free.
  • Holistic Nutrition & Raw Cuisine Level 1 & 2 – Rawvolutionist Aurora Ray.
  • Authentic Relating  – The ART of Being Human Level 1 – ART International (Rick Smith)
  • Shamanic Yoga Teacher (200hr), Astrology & Breathwork – Levi Banner.
  • Priestess School (Tantra, Shamanism, Shadow Work, Yoni Egg Mastery, Goddess Initiation, Taoism, De-Armouring & the Sacred Feminine) Modules 1,2 & 3 – Sofia Sundari.
  • Bachelor of Marketing & International Business – Edith Cowan University.
  • Shamanic Astrology Practitioner – Shamanic Astrology Mystery School.
  • Healing with Aloe Vera – Patrizia Bronzi.
  • Egypt Pilgrimage & Wild Goddess Activation – Sarah Jane Perman.
  • The Art of Fermentation – Tereza Mansilla.
  • Ordained Shamanic Minister – Venus Rising Association for Transformation.
  • Abdominal Detox Massage (Chi Nei Tsang 1 & 2) -The Heart of Healing.
  • Photography skills & Editing with Photoshop – TAFE SA.
  • Video Production – Adelaide College of the Arts.
  • Social Media for Business – TAFE SA.
  • 3 Day Internship – New Earth Cooking School Bali 

My Favourite Books



You have everything you need inside of you.

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This quote hit me  “the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand and the Eskimos had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words for love”  They loved sand and snow so much they created so many different words to talk about it. I don’t know if that’s true but the quote really impacted me and got me thinking.  When you think of love how many words can you think of?  Appreciation, gratitude, happiness, joy and grace.  Now think of the opposite to love and how many words can you think of?  Blame, hate, dislike, criticism, accusation, resentment, revenge, grudge, rage, anger, discontent, irritation, annoyance...  We live in a negative world but you have the power to shape your life how you choose. Focus on what you love and brings you the greasiest joy! Be present when negativity arises by feeling it, while expressing gratitude for the magic all around you! Bypassing doesn’t work either! It’s ok to feel negativity but always with love!  On that note I love you 🌸  Photo by @visionary_lifestyle_guide 
Taken @micksplacebali
Why I love photographing women 📸🌸  I have done since I was young  There is something truly magical about supporting women to share their essence with the world  I love creating a safe place for them shine in their most authentic essence  Together we find the perfect location and time for the the transmission to take place  So much intention goes into every step of the process from the ideas, the shoot and the editing process. For I see the photos and videos I capture as a powerful energy that can deeply impact the world  I am so honoured and grateful to do this work.  Right now in Bali all of the waterfalls, sights and beaches are empty to use them as backdrops for my creativity to run wild. What a time to be alive!  If you are in Bali now and want to go exploring the island with me, I have a wonderful local driver and guide that can take us on an adventure and I can capture the magical moments as we go.
When you fast you work out what you are really hungry for.  I did my first fast 16 years ago and have tried pretty much every type of fast you can think of.  My aim was to lose weight at first. It then shifted to supporting my body and now I see it’s so much more than psychical healing.  Fasting gives me space to feel. So often in my life I’ve eaten to avoid feeling.  So when I fast I discover what I am really hungry for in life.  Sometimes I am shown things I really don’t want to deal with but ultimately it weaves a pathway to living my best life.  Fasting really has been one of the greatest tools in supporting me to live the life of my dreams.  That is why I am so passionate in guiding others to fast.  If you would like to learn about fasting I have an affordable 4 week intensive program and a deeper dive 6 month mentorship I would love to share with you. Get in touch for a free discovery call to learn more 🍍
Bali blessings 🌸  Now that Bali has become my home I’ve decided to immerse myself into the culture.  I’ve been learning the language (well trying haha)  I’m discovering the plants that grow here and cooking with them.  Connecting with the way the locals live.  Honouring the land and spirits like they do.  It feels good. So good!  And tonight we had a gathering called ‘Bridging the Gap”. We came together to talk about cultural gaps and key issues in Bali right now. It was super powerful and we will be doing this regularly and next time talking more about solutions (see my story for a little taster of what we did). We will also be doing regular Balinese Cultural classes with my beautiful friend @purnamamelissa  After my mugging I had this wave over me that I wasn’t respecting the local people here.  The mugging has helped me open my eyes.  I have stepped into being an even more kind being. So the mugging has been one of the most powerful experiences for my growth.  It’s pretty amazing to reflect back and see sometimes why things had to happen. What a gift!  Photo by @ulrike.baliphotographer
So many ways to look at things 👀  We all see the world in a unique way.  Some people will look at the ocean and think about the surf, others if it’s a good time to fish and some feeing sadness of how much plastic they see. Guaranteed if you had 20 people stare at the ocean they would all have a different  experience.  With this in mind when in any situation this awareness can really support you.  Don’t assume others see what you see. There are so many perspectives.  By dropping into this way of thinking and asking others their experience not only will they feel heard but you will be less likely to have any disagreements or resolve them very easily.  If I ever find myself in a misunderstanding or uncomfortable moment with someone this really helps.  It can be challenging when others do not have this same awareness though.  All I can do is hold them in compassion and love knowing that they cannot see what I can yet. By gently reminding them we all have a different perspective and see things differently it really helps.  Art by @voja_world
Naked truth from one sister to another  I’m not perfect  I judge myself  Then I judge myself for judging myself  Sometimes I look in the mirror and cry  I compare myself to other women  I think no man will ever want me  I obsess over cellulite  I critique my little belly  I won’t leave the house because I have a spot  I’m basically super unkind to myself  How does it make you feel reading this sister?  Does it remind you of yourself in some way?  Thing is we all have some negative self talk. Even the woman you are comparing yourself to  Through vulnerability and connecting with other women deeply we can let go of the shame  If you have never been naked around other women before I strongly recommend it  And by naked you can still be wearing all your clothes. Show your naked heart.  Stop hiding my love. Through your vulnerability  you will rise and support everyone who witnesses you to rise too.  The last few days I’ve been getting downloads to create a group program for women. So many of my 1-1 clients are craving connection with like minded sisters. Would this be something you would like? Tell me what your soul is asking for and I’ll throw it in my cauldron and see what manifests.  Love you xxx
Not compatible 💔  When in an incompatible relationship that you want to make work you might try to change yourself.  Or you might try to change them.  Thing is no one is broken.  You are both perfect.  Just not perfect for each other.  It’s so exhausting trying to be with someone you are not compatible with.  You might wear a mask that’s not who you really are in hope they will love you but eventually the mask will come off.  Or you might drop subtle hints to try and make them change.  Being in an incompatible relationship is usually extremely lonely, fake and manipulative.  In a compatible relationship you have nothing to hide, it flows with grace, you communicate in the same way and you have no desire to change them.  So many of my clients come to me unhappy in their love life. They stop wanting to have sex with their partners, have trouble conceiving or start to find their partner disgusting.  9 times out of 10 it’s due to incompatibility and communication break downs.  It’s a hard truth and not always easy to accept.  However when people free themselves they wonder why they stayed for so long.  If this speaks to you get in touch. I’d love to support you to feel safe to be yourself and stop trying to change partners. You deserve to be with a compatible lover 😍  Photo by @missannabek
Say no to plastic 🐢  Turtles think plastic bags are jelly fish and try to eat them.  After swimming with these magical creatures earlier this year on Gili Air I feel so connected to their gentle nature.  These beautiful beings are dying because of plastic bags.  Many do not realise the impact of using plastic bags but here is one of thousands.  I am not going to lie I am not perfect. From time to time I do get a plastic bag if I forget my canvas bags. If this occurs though I reuse the plastic bag until it’s broken and dispose of it then the best way I can.  I also have reusable silicone ear cleaners, a metal straw, travel cutlery and I try to buy in bulk.  I share my knowledge with people that don’t understand the impact of plastic so more people feel inspired to change. I lead by example.  You can be part of the problem or the solution. Which do you choose?
I’ve been so unloyal, unfaithful, selfish and unkind to myself.  For so long I put others before my own needs.  I never wanted to let anyone down.  I never wanted to hurt anyone.  I repeatedly did things I didn’t want to do out of fear of rejection, pain and conflict.  IVE HAD IT.  Recently I stopped.  No longer am I being the “nice girl” to others. I’m being the nice girl to myself because I deserve my love more than anyone else.  The fact is sometimes people will get hurt along the way. You cannot please everyone.  We all have different goals, agendas, visions etc.  Ultimately all you can do is what’s best for yourself.  Know that there are many people like you and many people not but when you do what’s best for you not only will your life be so much more in alignment but you will be surrounded by people that live and love like you too.  This has been one of the hardest steps for me to take.  I love people and putting them first felt so right but is that self love?  As a self love guide it’s really made me embody this and then what a gift it is to share my journey to inspire.  If you want to bring more self love into your life I have a beautiful 6 month mentorship program. Get in touch for a free discovery call.  So much love from my heart to yours 💙
I don’t drink much water  You probably think I’m weird  I don’t care  It’s important I share this message  Water doesn’t hydrate you  Water simply flushes the body  I drink coconut water, sugarcane and green juices plus eat foods high in water like melons, cucumber etc. Fruit is king!  This truly hydrates the body on a cellular level.  I also avoid foods that dehydrate the body and cause inflammation; salt, fat, meat, processed foods, dairy etc.  If you have tried everything and you still find yourself with digestive issues, bad skin, depression, fatigue, body pain, hormonal imbalances etc trying to truly hydrate your body would be a great next step.  If you need guidance on what foods to cut out check out my free detox group on Facebook (link in bio). I also have a 4 week intensive detox program if you want to dive in deep.
Hi my names Sila.  I was found in a box with a broken leg and my breasts still full with milk. They took my babies and left me to die. I am so grateful for Eta Kadek that saved me and many other dogs of Bali.  I now have a beautiful foster mummy @iamjodielouise who created this account for me to spread awareness and help more dogs in Bali to find homes. She has been spoiling me with the highest quality food to help me heal. I have had lots of trauma and when she leaves me I get scared she will never come back. She massages lavender essential oil on me and it helps me calm down. She also gives me reiki on my leg and sings to me. Because she is so calm its really helping me to feel safe. I hope that she is able to adopt me full time.  My leg is still healing but the vet said I will hopefully walk on it again.My sponsor @reidsheilam has had special shoes made for me. Ive had many different colored casts already and you can hear me coming like a little tap dancer. I follow my mummy everywhere she goes and make people smile that see I am still able to walk.  Many dogs are not as lucky as me. So its my mission to share my story with you to inspire you to do what you can to help dogs of Bali or close to your home. Maybe you can foster or adopt a dog, volunteer, spread awareness by sharing/liking this post or make a donation (let me know if you would like to do this).  Follow my journey @sila.survives and let me know if you have any questions 🐶
Egypt timelines 𓂀  Right now I’m feeling Egypt deeply in my heart. I’m channeling messages from a lifetime I’ve spent there where the world was going through a similar crisis. This is guiding me to support the world to rebirth into a new way of living.  I’m on day 5 of fruit and juice. When I fast I become so connected to my higher self, Mother Earth and all the energy surrounding me. So this post might be a bit esoteric.  The last few months I’ve started to feel energetic codes moving through my hands when my body is open (usually when dancing). I feel the frequency of love ripple from my fingertips for what feels like is weaving new waves on the planet.  This activation begun in Egypt last year after a deep purge of painful remembrance. It’s taken so long to integrate but now I feel and understand it.  We are living in a powerful time and we ALL have the opportunity to support the world by simply supporting ourselves.  Gaia knows what she is doing. Trust her as she guides you. This time is not to be feared but to be embraced.  Pay attention to your dreams and symbols you see.  Take time to connect to your intuition and see where you are being guided.  Purify your body so the obstructions are not blocking your third eye.  Love yourself so deeply that there is so much love within you that it overflows to everyone who crosses your path.  YOU have the power to be the changes you wish to see in this world.  It’s an honour to be weaving love and I’m so very excited to share soon some of what I’m currently birthing to support others to have a new way of living.  Until then it sits in my womb of creation. I feel it growing inside of me as if I was pregnant (I’m not haha) it’s an energetic seed of life growing within me though.  Ahhhh the joy of what I feel coming for the world sends my body into waves of bliss.  The time is now.  Are you part of the solution or the problem? YOU ARE POWERFUL

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