I created this group program as I feel we all need to detox now more than ever! When you cleanse your body you feel clearer, more joyful and energized, which is essential to boost the immune system.

Experience videos and posts with the main focus being on detoxing your body, but I’ll also give you insights and tips on how to detox your life too!

The group is created for all levels of health, with plenty of options for different stages of detox. I encourage you to listen to your intuition and do what feels in resonance for you.

The detox program is for you if you want to…

  • Safely cleanse and purify your body
  • Say goodbye to food cravings and binging
  • Have clear and glowing skin
  • Feel happier and more energized
  • Repair your digestive system from painful gas, bloating, etc.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with your food
  • Reduce inflammation and pain in your body
  • Learn about various ways to detox including fruit, juice and dry fasting 
  • Be part of a group and receive emotional support through your detox and dietary transition 
  • Discover proven tools that will support you during the detox program
  • Find clarity in your mind and reconnect to your intuition

How to prepare for this detox

What will you be eating?

We will start this detox slowly. This is my personal approach to detox so you avoid stressing your body too much.

Below are the different levels of detoxing: you can decide what feels right for your body. You can stop at any level you like and keep going with that or continue to dive deeper. I will be providing a lot of recipes and plenty of support to guide you through this.

Level 1: Stopping intake of meat, dairy, gluten, corn, soy, yeast, caffeine, processed foods, concentrated oils, alcohol, mucus forming foods and sugar.

Level 2: Removing all fats and cooked foods. Eating a high raw diet with lots of vegetables, sprouts and fruits.

Level 3: Fasting on fruit, smoothies or juice.

Level 4: Dry or water fast

From here you can start to transition slowly working back up the levels. I would encourage you to stay at level 1 or 2 for as long as you can after the cleanse to keep the cleansing going.

How long is the program? 

The program starts  is designed to be around one month but you can do it at your own pace.

The “healing crisis”…

During detox you can experience what’s called a “healing crisis” when your body releases toxins. This can include cold symptoms, muscle aches, fatigue, skin flare-ups, and irritability.

It can feel scary if this is your first time cleansing, and even if it’s not something you have to worry about, don’t hesitate to speak with me if you need help!

If you have any questions, please post them in the group as they may support the other members.

Herbs will support your detox journey in so many ways

Using herbs throughout your detox will help your organs expel the toxins and make your detox journey more comfortable.

I’ve tried many herbs over the past 10 years, but for me, Ming Herbs is the best I’ve used. They are really gentle on my body and I get incredible results compared to other brands I have tried.

Their detox kits use high-quality herbs, which are designed to work in harmony within your body during your cleanse. I absolutely love how effective they are, so I encourage you to purchase a detox kit to support you on your journey.

Use the code ‘DETOX’ to receive 10% off!

I want to be transparent with you… I’m an affiliate for Ming Herbs, so if you do buy a kit, I’ll receive a commission that helps me to fund this program for free, but you don’t need to buy a detox kit to take part in this detox program. Listen to your body.


How to choose the right herbs

If this is your first time using herbs, I recommend the serious or medium cleanseIf you have more experience with detoxing, the basic cleanse should be enough for you. This includes herbs to cleanse your colon, kidneys, liver, blood, and the lymphatic system.

You can learn more about Ming Herbs here. They also have a beautiful brochure I recommend you to read, as it explains everything you need to know about Detox, click here to give al look to the PDF brochure. 

You can choose from 3 different kit options:

Don’t forget to use the code ‘DETOX’ to receive 10% off.


Recommended detox tools

Here I give you useful tools that will support your detox. They are not essential but I strongly recommend them. I will explain how to use all of these during the program.

If you want to go deep into the detox with juice or fruit fasting, I suggest you purchase an enema bag to clean out your colon and have a more comfortable experience, and better results.

Purchasing a tongue scraper would be a great idea too. When you detox you can get a thick coating of toxins on the tongue which you do not want to swallow back.

Coconut or sesame oil: It’s not essential, but some people may experience teeth sensitivity when detoxing as acids leave the body, and oil pulling is great to prevent this.

Having a body brush is useful to support the lymphatic system too.




How can I join the detox program?

You can join the Facebook Group here

Please also complete this form to help me understand your current state of health.

Please read: important note

If you have any serious health conditions, I recommend you to speak about this program with your doctor and to book a free discovery call with me to make sure this program is safe for you.

If you purchase a detox kit, it is essential that you are having 2-3 bowel movements per day and that your kidneys are filtering before taking some of the herbs. I will explain this on the program, but I wanted to note this here in case your kit arrives early, and you are eager to get started.

If you feel you still have areas that need support after the cleanse, I’m available for private consultations and  I also have a mentorship program.



About me:

10 years ago, I suffered from severe digestive issues, acne, psoriasis, body pain, inflammation, depression, and anxiety. This led me on a journey to complete many transformative training programs in detoxing, holistic health, nutrition, yoga, breathwork, astrology, business, tantra, shamanic healing, shadow work, and many others.

Through all of this training, I realized the key to my health and happiness was to love myself unconditionally, listen to my body’s wisdom, and reclaim my power! Now I help my clients to do the same.

After suffering for years, my mission, as a coach and mentor, is to support people to find more love, health and abundance in their lives! I don’t want people to suffer for years as I did.

I’ve healed 95% of my psoriasis, my hormonal acne, and my IBS is completely gone. Through my healing, I have learned so much that I can share to save you from going on the difficult path I went on. I’ve seen hundreds of health practitioners, and thanks to them, I have learned many useful tools that I am excited to share with you.

Knowing where to start can sometimes feel overwhelming, but don’t worry, I’ll be with you every step of the way! I will give you the support I wish I had on my journey.


Join my 4-week detox program

If you are getting serious about detox, this is the program for you.

In the last years, I’ve guided hundreds of people to detox and live a healthier lifestyle.

Save yourself decades of trials and mistakes, and discover all the tools and strategies I used to heal my body over the last 10 years.

Kind Words

Detox and Mentorship


For the past 3 months, Jodie has guided me on my detox journey and to my Self. I've been shedding so many layers of conditioning and programming that doesn't belong to me or serve my higher purpose. Transitioning has been so much easier and gentler. I now make better choices in what to consume as I listen to my body. When I decide to have some cooked meals (to slow the detox down), I eat without any guilt as I understand that it's what my body needs. I am so grateful to have found you sister <3 thank you for all that you do!🙏💜😘


Working with Jodie has been a transformational experience. For me, Jodie felt like so much more than just a coach. She is there for you, always, with so much love, understanding, and support. She is such a pure and radiant being and has so much wisdom and love to offer. Through working with Jodie I have rediscovered my own devine wisdom. I feel so connected to my body again. Appreciating every part of me, trusting my own guidance system. Grateful our paths have crossed.


Jodie Louise is incredible to work with. She has a beautiful way of guiding others that I feel supported and guided on every step of my journey. She has such an extensive knowledge on so many topics I have been able to heal part of my mind, body and soul on so many different levels and in so many different ways. I can't express how much she has helped me over time. She is the best!


Working with Jodie really opened me up to how my relationship with food affects me not only physically but mentally. Jodie is understanding and compassionate. She has a sweet essence that allows you to feel safe opening up and being vulnerable. I've always felt nasty about my relationship with food. When Jodie and I had our first call I was having bowel issues for over a month and within a few days of following just the couple tips that we set up for my first week I was using the toilet regularly. I am so grateful for her and her work and I strongly suggest her to anyone suffering from bowel issues or anyone just looking for a deeper connection with their eating habits.


Jodie's brightness, wisdom, and grace has forever transformed my relationship to food. She has been incredibly supportive, authentic, and an inspirational guide to deepening the purification and cleansing of my body. With Gratitude and appreciation sister for the journey we have shared - I will never forget the exuberance experienced in our 40-day fruit fast

How you eat is just as important as what you eat.



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