Artistic Collage Photos

Eye-catching collage photos are great for your social media content and for those who want to stand out and share their unique personality.

They are perfect to use as branding tools and can be used on business cards, Facebook covers, your website and more for an insight into who you really are.

These Artistic Collage photos are a creative collaboration between myself and Glovindria Singh. Our goal in creating Artistic Collage Photos is to make you look magical and to explore larger-than-life concepts, by combining the ordinary with the supernatural to create an organic fusion of elements that inspires people to dream.

For best results, I recommend you first experience a Goddess photoshoot with me. 

During the photoshoot, you’ll awaken the woman inside of you that desires to shine. With your vision in mind we will take photos that will weave into your collage gracefully.

This experience of enlightenment will provide us with the perfect starting point to create a collage that aligns with the real authentic you. 

Goddess photoshoots are a unique experience for you to authentically shine your true essence and fall in love with yourself.

Together we co-create this experience to give your inner priestess, lioness, goddess, mermaid, or wild woman permission to come out.

Stand tall and show the world the incredible power and radiance that lies within your feminine beauty.

As your goddess photographer, I love to capture your divinity in captivating photos to remember who you really are.

If you haven’t done a photoshoot before, don’t worry! I’ve worked with many women, and I’m here to guide you to feel more comfortable in your body. I will support you with your movements, postures, and expressions.

The creative process

The collage art is created by the amazing Glovindria Singh, who is a dreamer, visual designer, creator, and all-around renaissance woman living a full life of motion.

She will make you look magical, using sacred geometry, flowers, animals and landmarks to create beautiful and visually impactful images.

I’ll be here to guide you through the creative process of choosing things that will most authentically share your essence.

If you have had a Goddess Photoshoot with me we will work together to carefully select photos that truly represent your inner shakti.  If not, don’t worry! You can provide your own photographs.

We welcome you to share your creative visions by sending high-resolution photographs to use as creative inspiration for your collage photo.

These photos will provide us ideas about which colours, animals, astrological alignments, ancient symbols, or concepts you feel represent and capture your divinity.


1 Collage Art Photo: $88

3 Collage Art Photos: $222



Take a look at some of the magical collages created


Take a look at some of the magical collages created

Give yourself the gift of unique and authentic branding.


photography testimonial

Sarah-Jane Perman

Jodie came into my life as a photographer for my retreats but as soon as she showed up I knew she was to be a huge ally. Not only is she a talented artist but complete energetic support, intuitive listener, compassionate space holder and not to mention my go to for health and detox support (I’ll get there Jodie). Jodie is in my team for life. We have worked together in bali, ibiza and Egypt and honestly I would love have her with me for all of my work as she is such a dream to flow with. She is the best of the best in all ways


When I receive her photos my reaction is always 'Wauw, is this me?'. It's interesting to witness how sometimes the perception I have of myself is not the same what others have. So these shoots are quite deep healing processes. Thank you Jodie for your quality of seeing me and to capture my beautiful essence. Thank you for laughing with me, feeling me at ease and to encourage me to let myself been shown.

Irina Devi

I hired Jodie to do a photo shoot for me that would capture my sensuality and feminine emotions. I am usually not easily impressed but I was this time. Not only did Jodie capture my ever changing shakti expressions, her creativity, guidance, and warmth created a safe space for me to fully open up to the experience. I am very pleased with Jodie’s work!

Teresa Sol

Simply put; Jodie is magical! ✨During the photoshoot she had an ability to make me relax and not feel awkward in front of the camera. I felt safe with her. She was present before, during and after the shoot and her photos definitely show that. She captured my soul on the photos she took of me. She is pure magic and I am forever grateful ???


Jodie is an amazing photographer that knows how to capture authenticity, beauty, joy and fun!!! I did a group photoshoot with her and she showed a lot of patience, she had great suggestions for poses and made everyone feel special. I had a lot of pleasure during the shoot and later seeing the pics and remembering those moments!


Jodie has such an energy about her that makes you feel safe and confident within your skin. Ive worked with her many times because she knows how to capture authentic beauty & provides a comfortable environment during her shoots. She understands what one is seeking out of photos, almost as if she can see your vision through her own eyes.


Jodie is a super skilled photographer. She has an amazing eye for light and settings. She also is incredible at making you feel safe and relaxed in front of the camera. I had so much fun doing the shoot with Jodie and I felt so radiant and empowered in my femininity and beauty! Thank you Jodie for doing this work, such a gift for every woman that gets the chance to stand in front of your camera ❤️

Do you feel the call?

Give yourself the gift of a unique and authentic branding!