Reconnect with your true nature & fall in love with yourself

Hi I'm Jodie

After becoming unwell & going on a rollercoaster of misinformation, I realized that no matter how much I was taught, the key to my health and happiness was learning to listen to my body’s wisdom. This led me on a journey to explore nutrition, alternative diets & self love practices. After many transformative training programs in detoxing, holistic health, yoga, breathwork, astrology, tantra & many others, I am now I am on a mission to inspire & empower people all around the world to get in touch with their body, mind, & spirit.


After playing it small for most of my life, it has become my passion to guide people to step into their power, love themselves & shine bright on every level.

I am here to guide you to reclaim your power, reconnect with intuition & create the life of your dreams. As your transformational life coach, we will work through your goals, fears, aspirations, traumas & desires to enable you to live your life to its fullest & step into your soul’s purpose.

Is your body telling you something isn’t right? Learn to cleanse your body, mind, & soul to allow your body to heal. Through my own healing journey, I can guide you to listen to the wisdom of your body to find the root cause of your suffering to enable you to safely detox & rebuild on a cellular level.

For years I was scared to be seen. That’s why I became a photographer, I’m so passionate about supporting people to step into their power to share their unique gifts.  I would love nothing more then to create a safe space with you to share your magic with the world.

Supporting like-minded businesses to share their gifts brings me so much joy. With more than 10 years experience with strategy, branding, websites, advertising, events, content creation, copywriting & social media, it feels natural for me to guide people to shine bright!

You have everything you need inside of you to heal & be happy


Bali Retreat

Do you want to be able to trust in your intuition, step into your souls purpose & experience Bali’s culture? Join us for this life changing Bali retreat for women, where you will learn the language of your heart with practices we have gathered from around the world to ‘Ignite Your Intuition’.

Goddess Photoshoots


It’s time to fall in love with yourself and remember who you really are…

Let your inner goddess shine and reconnect with your true nature as a woman. Choose to shine as the beautiful and powerful embodiment of the divine feminine that you are. Allow your inner priestess, lioness, mermaid or wild woman to be seen.

My passion is to capture the raw beauty within women that is yearning to be seen. I am here to support and empower you in feeling strong and radiant. I would love nothing more than to capture your authentic essence with the magic of photography.

I will take you on a powerful journey to guide you to embody your unique essence, and exhibit your exquisite beauty. Together, we will create a safe space in which you will feel safe to fully express yourself and share your light.We will laugh, cry and dance together in this deeply healing journey that is so much more than a photoshoot. This is such a profound opportunity to connect deeper with yourself and your femininity.

Give yourself the gift of divinity. I am certain you will walk away from this experience feeling empowered, confident, sexy, beautiful, and divine!

Are you ready to reconnect to the divine woman that you are?

From Fear to Intuition

It’s time to turn your fears to intuition, and make your dreams come true!
Fear is the unspoken language of our shadow. We often honour fear, rather than embodying our intuition. We hold fear within our bodies, which impairs our decision making, and blocks the ability to clearly access our intuition.

We all have a powerful and wise force inside of us which knows what is right. It is the unspoken feeling when we meet someone we instantly connect with. Is it the whole body yes that weaves joy and peace throughout our entire body. Intuition is not something we are taught to connect with, nor to honor. Many of us experience trauma which numbs the connection we have to our intuition. When trauma is not healed, it is held in our bodies and it can block our intuitive channels.

Intuition is your built-in navigation system. When you listen to this inner guidance, you can find the true answers for your highest good. The more you listen to this compass, the more it starts to communicate with you. By reading this e-book, you will will come face to face with your fears, and gain clarity about how to understand your intuition. It is time to feel safe in honoring your path of awakening your intuitive nature.

My intention is to inspire you

It has been a dream of mine for over 10 years to share my writing. Due to fear and shame I brushed it off as a silly dream. It turns out it wasn’t as here we are. It is my hope that my words will move you, and guide you back home to your soul’s purpose.

My intuition is my superpower, & it just keeps getting stronger!

My intuition is my superpower, & it just keeps getting stronger!

Your intuition knows what is possible, but the mind will look for every reason it could go wrong. Your ego is scared of failure, rejection & pain...Turn your Fear into Intuition I'm often saying it's my passion to turn fears into love, and I get asked what this...

I dream to visit all the sacred lands of mama Gaia

I dream to visit all the sacred lands of mama Gaia

Have you ever been to a new place and felt a strong energy? Just known it’s a place that you need to be? It almost feels as if a magnet is pulling you in? This has been my journey the last 8 years when I started to travel for most of the year. I have followed my...

Blue Lotus: an ancient elixir to awaken your intuition!

Blue Lotus: an ancient elixir to awaken your intuition!

I will never forget the moment I connected with the ‘Sacred Lily of the Nile’. The stimulating aroma I had smelled 100 times before, but not in this lifetime. An instant feeling of euphoria filled my entire being with light. I had always been fascinated with the Blue...



When I receive her photos my reaction is always 'Wauw, is this me?'. It's interesting to witness how sometimes the perception I have of myself is not the same what others have. So these shoots are quite deep healing processes. Thank you Jodie for your quality of seeing me and to capture my beautiful essence. Thank you for laughing with me, feeling me at ease and to encourage me to let myself been shown.

Irina Devi

I hired Jodie to do a photo shoot for me that would capture my sensuality and feminine emotions. I am usually not easily impressed but I was this time. Not only did Jodie capture my ever changing shakti expressions, her creativity, guidance, and warmth created a safe space for me to fully open up to the experience. I am very pleased with Jodie’s work!

Irina Devi

Teresa Sol

Simply put; Jodie is magical! ✨During the photoshoot she had an ability to make me relax and not feel awkward in front of the camera. I felt safe with her. She was present before, during and after the shoot and her photos definitely show that. She captured my soul on the photos she took of me. She is pure magic and I am forever grateful ???


Jodie is an amazing photographer that knows how to capture authenticity, beauty, joy and fun!!! I did a group photoshoot with her and she showed a lot of patience, she had great suggestions for poses and made everyone feel special. I had a lot of pleasure during the shoot and later seeing the pics and remembering those moments!


Jodie has such an energy about her that makes you feel safe and confident within your skin. Ive worked with her many times because she knows how to capture authentic beauty & provides a comfortable environment during her shoots. She understands what one is seeking out of photos, almost as if she can see your vision through her own eyes.


Jodie is a super skilled photographer. She has an amazing eye for light and settings. She also is incredible at making you feel safe and relaxed in front of the camera. I had so much fun doing the shoot with Jodie and I felt so radiant and empowered in my femininity and beauty! Thank you Jodie for doing this work, such a gift for every woman that gets the chance to stand in front of your camera ❤️

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I would love to offer you a DISCOVERY CALL with me to see how I can best guide you.

Let's Be Friends

I’m always sharing inspiring content on my Instagram with detox tips, healthy recipes & loads more. I’d love to connect with you & learn all about you to.

Instagram post 2244610476166211399_45924078 I hate my skin 😢

I can’t remember how many times have I have said this in my past. Would be hundreds, if not thousands of times.

Today I do my best to practice acceptance that my skin has been weak.

Some people can eat badly everyday & look flawless. For me I can do everything “right” but still get the occasional breakout. I could complain & say that’s unfair (I do this sometimes; I am human), but this gets me nowhere.

It’s not always been this way, so I know that with patience, my skin will be glowing so brightly like it did when I was younger.

Sometimes my skin teases me. My skin can radiate, but then all of a sudden it shifts again. It’s the nature of the detox path. Sometimes you have to take one step back, to go forward.

Already I’ve seen my skin improve so much. I’ve also witnessed this with other people living like I do. This inspires me so much.

Did you know I used to be covered head to toe with guttate psoriasis & had extremely painful cystic acne? I am 95% clear now. I did it all naturally, but it’s taken me years, & I am still digging deeper.

Somedays I feel sad it’s not 100% better, & I doubt myself as a coach. But when I look back at how far I’ve come, the gratitude in my heart, motivates me to keep learning from my body & sharing the wisdom I have learnt with others.

If someone as healthy as me still battles, it shows how long it takes to undo the damage of years of abusing my body. I share this not to be morbid, but to show you that it takes dedication and time to change.

If you battle from psoriasis, acne or other skin related issues, comment a 🧡 and I’ll share my tips you.

Photo my by soul sister and business partner @iamhaleymadison 🧚🏻‍♀️ I adore you

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Instagram post 2242439670318735101_45924078 Mindful eating to stop IBS

I laughed about Mindful Eating at first. It’s no surprise, as I grew up living with a family that ate in front on the TV. We didn’t say grace, or eat consciously in anyway (besides being raised plant based, that’s pretty awesome). I didn’t believe Mindful Eating could be so powerful, but it changed my life! Finally my IBS is under control.

Abi pictured with me here, also suffered from terrible IBS. This shared discomfort, helped us form a strong bond together. So for that I am so grateful. It was nice to feel understood for how much IBS can rule your life. Living together I really saw how much it impacted us both, and how sad it made us.

We both knew about mindful eating before connecting, but had never fully embodied it. It was something we begun to practice together. All I can say is WOW, it’s been a game changer!

A couple of days ago I posted about my journey with IBS, and many of you asked to know more. Here it goes... So mindful eating can be many things. For me it meant:
•not eating meals while on my phone or computer •eating slowly and enjoying every mouthful
•preparing my food with so much love
•expressing gratitude and blessing my meals
•not guilting myself for what I had eaten
•removing the word “bad” from my food vocabulary

I have practice Intuitive Eating. This from what is the natural progression from Mindful Eating, it happens without even trying.

I now feel the best I have ever felt in my body, because I’m eating what it needs! I’ve learnt to listen to my body and I feel so empowered.

I have no more space to write about it here, but if you would like to know more, comment with a 🍍 and I’ll do a post about it 🤗

Thank you to @arktara for this photo 
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Instagram post 2240991025915100530_45924078 My IBS is gone 😀

I suffered with bloating and pain in my stomach for years. What the doctors call #IBS - Key word “irritable” bowel syndrome

I changed my diet, and found that gluten, onion and garlic were big triggers. However sometimes I could eat them and be ok. Sometimes I could eat the most healthy meal on earth, and my belly would expand like a balloon. I would be curled up in agony, and have to cancel work, or any plans that I had. I felt miserable and depressed.

I have seen over 100 different health practitioners, and alternative therapists. I learnt so much from them, and I truly see this all happening for just that. I needed to learn this to help others. But what I learnt, I didn’t expect to be the answer. In fact every part of me tried to prove why it wasn’t. It seemed “stupid”. So what stopped my IBS?

I discovered that HOW you eat, is just as important as WHAT you eat. For me this was the game changer.

Maybe you have heard of mindful eating? If you would like me to share more about this drop me a 🧡

Photo by my dear sister and mindful eating buddy @iamhaleymadison 
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Instagram post 2239550987805298094_45924078 I was a chronic binge eater

I would eat myself sick on the daily

Some days I ate so much, that I was in terrible pain, and I would pass out

Why was I hurting my body?

Why couldn’t I stop?

I was avoiding

I used food to numb my emotions

Anytime I started to feel I put food in my mouth, and it worked

I was feeding my desires in the most unhealthy way possible

I knew it couldn’t continue

It wasn’t easy but I’ve been on the other side of it for a few years

I never thought I was say those words

I went to the root cause of  it

I traced back to when it started

I learnt about control and how to let go of it

I studied addictions

BUT the game changer was INTUITIVE EATING

I said goodbye to diets

I stopped restricting myself and learnt to listen to my body

I recently put a poll on my story asking about Binge eating. I was alarmed to see that more than 60 people responded saying they suffer. You are not alone, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If you would like to learn more about intuitive eating, and saying goodbye to binge eating, book a free discovery call with me (link in my bio) I’d love to share how I can support you to rise 🧡

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Instagram post 2238117190156960364_45924078 My book just launched 😮

A BOOK. OMG... this has been a dream for as long as I can remember, but this book is so much more than I could of ever imagined.

Included are more than 30 steps, that we have personally used to activate our own intuitive nature. It’s exciting to share them with you.

Have you forgotten how to listen to your bodies wisdom? This book will guide you back home to your own inner knowing. No more relying on Google, or your friends for clarity. You have all the answers within you to live a healthy, and happy life.

The day I tapped into this wisdom that we ALL carry, my life changed forever, AND yours can too!

The book was written in cocreation with @iamhaleymadison to inspire you to turn your “Fear into Intuition”. It also features beautiful photography by me, and of me haha. Haley is quite the photographer too 👌

If you do decide to buy a copy (it’s only $3.33 for a limited time), I would love for you to share your favourite sections, and how it’s helped you. It is our mission to empower you to rise up, and stand in your power. “From Fear to Intuition” has been launched under our brand ‘Pure Lotus’. If you would like to learn more, and buy a copy, head to my bio for the link 🦋

I am also busy photographing all of my intuitive food creations, which will be for a book later in the year. So stay tuned for that too.

Much love
Jodie xx 😘

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Instagram post 2235939340821924729_45924078 I became numb to to my emotions.

I lost my ability to think for myself.

I would always ask people what they thought I should do.

I followed what others did as I thought they must be right.

I lost my identity and forgot who I was.

I drank alcohol to fit in.

I spent time with people I thought were “cool”

I ate foods that hurt my body.

I made decisions from my head, not my heart.

UNTIL ONE DAY... everything changed.

Something clicked, and I felt safe to take off the masks I had been wearing to fit in.

I started to remember who I truly was.

I begun to love my body and take care of it.

I reconnected with my passion of making healthy food in the kitchen.

I remembered my dreams as a child of wanting to help people to be healthy, happy and free.

I stopped trying to please others, and decided if I was going to be disliked, it might as well be for being myself.

I activated my intuition.

My inbuilt compass was now steering me in the right direction.

And it took me home to my heart 🧡

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