Reconnect with your true nature & fall in love with yourself

Hi I'm Jodie

After becoming unwell & going on a rollercoaster of misinformation, I realized that no matter how much I was taught, the key to my health and happiness was learning to listen to my body’s wisdom. This led me on a journey to explore nutrition, alternative diets & self love practices. After many transformative training programs in detoxing, holistic health, yoga, breathwork, astrology, tantra & many others, I am now I am on a mission to inspire & empower people all around the world to get in touch with their body, mind, & spirit.


After playing it small for most of my life, it has become my passion to guide people to step into their power, love themselves & shine bright on every level.

I am here to guide you to reclaim your power, reconnect with intuition & create the life of your dreams. As your transformational life coach, we will work through your goals, fears, aspirations, traumas & desires to enable you to live your life to its fullest & step into your soul’s purpose.

Is your body telling you something isn’t right? Learn to cleanse your body, mind, & soul to allow your body to heal. Through my own healing journey, I can guide you to listen to the wisdom of your body to find the root cause of your suffering to enable you to safely detox & rebuild on a cellular level.

For years I was scared to be seen. That’s why I became a photographer, I’m so passionate about supporting people to step into their power to share their unique gifts.  I would love nothing more then to create a safe space with you to share your magic with the world.

Supporting like-minded businesses to share their gifts brings me so much joy. With more than 10 years experience with strategy, branding, websites, advertising, events, content creation, copywriting & social media, it feels natural for me to guide people to shine bright!

You have everything you need inside of you to heal & be happy

Bali Retreat

Do you want to be able to trust in your intuition, step into your souls purpose & experience Bali’s culture? Join us for this life changing Bali retreat for women, where you will learn the language of your heart with practices we have gathered from around the world to ‘Ignite Your Intuition’.

Goddess Photoshoots

It’s time to fall in love with yourself and remember who you really are…

Let your inner goddess shine and reconnect with your true nature as a woman. Choose to shine as the beautiful and powerful embodiment of the divine feminine that you are. Allow your inner priestess, lioness, mermaid or wild woman to be seen.

My passion is to capture the raw beauty within women that is yearning to be seen. I am here to support and empower you in feeling strong and radiant. I would love nothing more than to capture your authentic essence with the magic of photography.

I will take you on a powerful journey to guide you to embody your unique essence, and exhibit your exquisite beauty. Together, we will create a safe space in which you will feel safe to fully express yourself and share your light.We will laugh, cry and dance together in this deeply healing journey that is so much more than a photoshoot. This is such a profound opportunity to connect deeper with yourself and your femininity.

Give yourself the gift of divinity. I am certain you will walk away from this experience feeling empowered, confident, sexy, beautiful, and divine!

Are you ready to reconnect to the divine woman that you are?

Goddess Photoshoots

It’s time to fall in love with yourself and remember who you really are…Let your inner goddess shine and reconnect with your true nature as a woman. Choose to shine as the beautiful and powerful embodiment of the divine feminine that you are. Allow your inner priestess, lioness, mermaid or wild woman to be seen.

My passion is to capture the raw beauty within women that is yearning to be seen. I am here to support and empower you in feeling strong and radiant. I would love nothing more than to capture your authentic essence with the magic of photography.

Give yourself the gift of divinity. I am certain you will walk away from this experience feeling empowered, confident, sexy, beautiful, and divine!



When I receive her photos my reaction is always 'Wauw, is this me?'. It's interesting to witness how sometimes the perception I have of myself is not the same what others have. So these shoots are quite deep healing processes. Thank you Jodie for your quality of seeing me and to capture my beautiful essence. Thank you for laughing with me, feeling me at ease and to encourage me to let myself been shown.

Irina Devi

I hired Jodie to do a photo shoot for me that would capture my sensuality and feminine emotions. I am usually not easily impressed but I was this time. Not only did Jodie capture my ever changing shakti expressions, her creativity, guidance, and warmth created a safe space for me to fully open up to the experience. I am very pleased with Jodie’s work!

Irina Devi

Teresa Sol

Simply put; Jodie is magical! ✨During the photoshoot she had an ability to make me relax and not feel awkward in front of the camera. I felt safe with her. She was present before, during and after the shoot and her photos definitely show that. She captured my soul on the photos she took of me. She is pure magic and I am forever grateful ???


Jodie is an amazing photographer that knows how to capture authenticity, beauty, joy and fun!!! I did a group photoshoot with her and she showed a lot of patience, she had great suggestions for poses and made everyone feel special. I had a lot of pleasure during the shoot and later seeing the pics and remembering those moments!


Jodie has such an energy about her that makes you feel safe and confident within your skin. Ive worked with her many times because she knows how to capture authentic beauty & provides a comfortable environment during her shoots. She understands what one is seeking out of photos, almost as if she can see your vision through her own eyes.


Jodie is a super skilled photographer. She has an amazing eye for light and settings. She also is incredible at making you feel safe and relaxed in front of the camera. I had so much fun doing the shoot with Jodie and I felt so radiant and empowered in my femininity and beauty! Thank you Jodie for doing this work, such a gift for every woman that gets the chance to stand in front of your camera ❤️

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I would love to offer you a DISCOVERY CALL with me to see how I can best guide you.

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I’m always sharing inspiring content on my Instagram with detox tips, healthy recipes & loads more. I’d love to connect with you & learn all about you to.

Instagram post 2196845504609478981_45924078 I chose FEAR over LOVE, & ended up in hospital 🙀

When you listen to your MIND (intellect/ego), not your GUT (instincts) & HEART (intuition), it hardly ever works out. Trouble is this time it could of cost me my life.

It's one thing to know how to listen, but another to fully embody your INTUITION. I almost always follow my HEART, but I recently made a decision from my MIND. With this I picked up a nasty VIRUS.

In my vulnerable state after my DETOX, I needed to be taking it slow, nourishing my body, spending time in nature & surrounded by people thriving with their health. This was my intention, but then my EGO decided to say YES to an opportunity. My HEART was begging me to say NO. It was like a WAR going on inside of me, but the EGO MIND won! It justified why this choice would actually help me to achieve my long term dreams 😾

Many people asked me if I got sick from the DETOX. The answer is NO, but because my body was in a fragile state it hit me harder. I CHOSE to be in an environment where I was exposed, & it’s been a very VALUABLE LESSON. I am a busy woman with multiple businesses. So extended fasts don’t suit my lifestyle right now. You have to fully DEDICATE your time to a DETOX. This experience will only help me to better serve my clients. I wouldn’t actually put many people on an extended fast anyway, as the best results come from everyday lifestyle changes with consistency 🌱

I was hit hard with TYPE A INFLUENZA, which doctors suspect turned into viral MENINGITIS. I declined the test to find out, as it had many side effects. They have to inject your spine, ummmm NO THANK YOU! I also declined all medication. They put so much fear into me, but I felt I had the knowledge & support around me to fight it. If YOU become sick, only you know what is best for you. Your MIND will try to take over, but your BODY will speak to you. With practice will learn your true YES/NO. Until you fully know however, don’t take risks... PLEASE 🙏

Continued in comments or see in full on my Facebook (link in bio)... this is a long one.
Instagram post 2192472210839499276_45924078 Oh Egypt. Never did I expect to say this 𓂀𓆃

Its been such a roller coaster since I landed back in Australia. I was strongly guided by my intuition to step into a 21 day deep cleanse of my body, I reconnected to my inner lioness power and my dreams have been unfolding before my eyes. My mind still doesn’t know how to comprehend what I’m feeling in my body. I’ve felt a deep upgrade that I can only explain as seeing things through the Eye of Horus 𓂀

I have had to surrender to what we know as time, and be in my shakti feminine flow. Trusting that I will be supported if I just go where I am guided. It’s never easy when you know you have people waiting on you, but we only have one body and one life. While my mind tells me I’m a failure, my heart feels so at peace. I’ve made the conscious choice to fully embody all my teachings. No longer will I allow my limited mind direct me with “shoulds” and “what if’s”. My heart is my compass, and I have full trust it is taking me exactly where I need to go.

Egypt feels like a lifetime ago, but it was only 6 weeks. The next few days I can finally sit down and edit the beautiful photos. This brings me so much joy. I only edit photos when my energy is in full alignment. This is so important as my frequency is felt in the photos and I desire only the purest essence from myself. I am excited to be offering a 1-1 Goddess photoshoot with every sister that books my Bali retreat in April (see link in my bio)𓆃

Expect lots of Egypt transmissions coming from soon and an exciting announcement if you want to go to Egypt in 2020 with my dear lioness sister @sarahjaneperman 🦁
Instagram post 2187873164816721849_45924078 Detox fast = not possible!

There is no magic wand to wave, that can undo years of neglecting your body. It took years for you to become as degenerated as you are, and will take years to regenerate. The body wants to heal, and it will when you trust it. The road to healing is not for the faint hearted. It’s an intense ride, but wow it’s so worth it. To rush the journey would be incredibly dangerous.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what detox I’m on. That’s because there are so many fad diets that tell you that you can detox your body in 3 days. I tell people that before even considering trying a detox, they need to prepare their body by cutting out foods that create acid and mucus in the body. There is no point detoxing if you return back to eating how you were. This is a lifestyle; not a quick solution so you can fit into your dress for the weekend.

If you are serious about your health and regenerating your body, maybe we should chat. I’d love to support you on your journey. To explore how we could work together, you can book a call with me at no charge to have a heart to heart chat. See link in bio to my website.

Photo by @paulfuentes_design

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Instagram post 2183480686134966948_45924078 I work all over the world. Many ask me how I make it possible 🙀

Here’s a few tips and affirmations to guide you to take the leap 💜

Let go of fear! When you turn your fears into love nothing can stop you #iamfearless

Believe in yourself. Know that you are capable and deserving of this in your life #iamworthy

Trust that you will always be safe #iamsupported

See that money is energy. With passion and joy for what you do, money will always be there when you need it #iamabundant

Follow your intuition (hearts intelligence) no matter how crazy it might seem. It takes you where you need to go #myheartguidesme

Be prepared that sometimes it won’t be easy but this is beautiful for you will learn so much. When you fall down you rise so much stronger #iamready

Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that surround you. Be present for your past programming puts limiting beliefs on you #iamexpansive

Love unconditionally. When you react from this place you will vibrate so high that all you will attract is others in alignment with you #iamlove

Blessings on your journey to making your dreams come true. My dear sister @kenseyallure just took the leap and I couldn’t be more excited for her journey to begin 💜💜 Photo by @missannabek

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Instagram post 2180597083269194181_45924078 MAGIC POTION 🧚🏻‍♀️ to make your dreams come true

How am I so lucky to be photographing inspiring women in the most beautiful places all over the world? It took time & perseverance. The life you desire is possible.

Try this potion & watch your dreams unfold before your eyes

BELIEVE : 🦋 the universe wants you to be healthy, successful & happy but if you think you are destined for failure, that’s likely what’s going to happen. Your mind is the greatest enemy holding you back from making your dreams come true.

LOVE: ❤️when you choose love over fear nothing can stand in your way. Ask yourself what you are fearful of & face it head on. All emotions stem from fear or love so finding ways to turn your fears into love will help you transform in every area of your life.

IMAGINE: 👑remember when you was a kid & life was a fairytale? At some point we stopped using our imaginations. We stopped tapping into our ability to create anything we dream off.

FEEL: 🌈 what would it feel like to have this dream? When you fully feel what it would be like to have the dream, you make it possible. This is such a key ingredient in this potion. Doing this daily is so powerful. Walk around as though it’s already happened.

LISTEN: 🌟the more you listen to your gut (intuition) the stronger it gets. There a messages all around you if you know how to tune in.

SURRENDER: 🌸sometimes in order for your dream to happen you need to say goodbye to old behaviours & connections. When you allow them to gracefully melt away, you make space for your dreams to begin

GRATITUDE: 🙏 your dreams are unfolding before your eyes. It’s easy to be swept away in the magic but it’s important to express your gratitude. I do this every single day before I get out of bed.

I’d 💖 to hear how this potion works for you & any tips you have for making your dreams a reality. No dream is too big!

It was once my dream to photograph women to support them to fall in love with themselves. Now this is a reality. This will also be part of my Bali retreat in April. Every goddess will receive a beautiful photo shoot 📸

Pictured is the beautiful @sarahjaneperman wearing @warriorsofthedivine 😇 at Es Vedra in Ibiza